quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

Video - Hogtied - Jan 4, 2003 - Claire Adams

Clair is back by popular request. Again, she is wonderful to play with.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Sep 1, 2001 - Jewell Marceau

Jewell gets 3 completely immobilizing suspensions. She is so turned on by the experience that she cant wait to get down and start shooting for our 'machines' site.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Dec 21, 2002 - Claire Adams

Shade Paine gets some nice whipping and caning at the hands of cowgirl. This was the first time Shade had been suspended upside down, or caned. She had a hard time deciding what she liked best about the shoot.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Jun 8, 2001 - Jewell Marceau

Jewell gets tied and cannot escape the magic want which is pushed firmly against her pussy and ass.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Mar 21, 2001 - Jewell Marceau

Jewell is the kind of girl who says "How about if you tied me like this" or "I think that rope needs to be tighter". Not only do her elbows easily touch behind her back, she likes having them tied there. She is also a big fan of the magic wand vibrator. We didnt want to dissapoint her, so she was tied in various exposed positions so that the wand could be put to use.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Bound Gangbangs - May 8, 2011 - Moretta

Moretta plays an adorable sitter who goes snooping through the boss's drawers while he's out for the night. To her delight she finds an array of kinky sex toys for her and her boyfriend to play
with. But when her boss comes home unexpectedly early and finds her tied to his bed he and his friends decide to have their way with her! Fun role-play and hot gang bang action!

screenshot boundgangbangs

quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

Video - Hogtied - Sep 22, 2002 - Dusty

Dustys ample breasts get ample attention in the doctors office.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Oct 6, 2002 - Lena Ramon

Lena Remon gets tied in the bright sunlight for some poolside bondage play. First, sun lotion is massaged into her wonderful body, then she is whipped and given orgasms in several positions. For a break, she is left tied to a floating bed for a while. To round off the afternoon, she is fucked by the intruder on the wooden deck, and then hung up to dry in a suspension.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Sep 8, 2002 - Chanta-Rose

Chanta gets some wrapped up and strung up in various ways. She says the part she enjoyed most was being fingered while suspended upside down wrapped in tape. Cowgirl is a long time Chanta-Admirer and could hardly wait to jump in on the action.

Video - Hogtied - Oct 19, 2001 - Dusty

Yes they are real and perfect. Dusty has the best tits of any model we're shot recently. In this set she is tied up in the back offices... to the table the printer sits on, to the accountant's chair, to my chair, and to anything else handy.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Aug 1, 2002 - Chanta-Rose

Chanta and Cowgirl play privately, but it really turned them on to do it for all to see. After tying Chanta to the cross, licking her pussy, suspending her, using the violet wand on her ass hole and giving her many orgasms, Cowgirl was almost as wet as Chanta.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Nov 26, 2002 - Kat

We knew Kat was going to be in the area shooting for other sites so we tracked her down and took her from the street. She was dragged into the office, cuffed, bundled into a waiting truck and then taken out on a boat into the bay where nobody could hear her cries. 
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Dec 21, 2001 - Chanta-Rose

Chanta Rose is back. This time she is bound, gagged and gets a wicked suspension by Peter.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - May 3, 2002 - Jewell Marceau

I hadn't planned on shooting Jewell during her trip to town. It turned out she was just too irresistible and I had to fit in a quick shoot. There was nobody else at the shoot besides Scarlett and myself, which accounts for why there are not many pictures and the video is on a tripod. Jewel has some hot orgasms, at one point she exclaims 'I'm going to explode'.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Sep 29, 2002 - Heaven Lee

Heaven Lee is a beautiful model who loves bondage and S/M. She was great to play with.
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terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2012

Video - Hogtied - Oct 27, 2002 - Jasmine

It was no holes barred for Jasmine, and I'm not just talking about the fact that she took it up the ass and pussy. Jasmine got to try a lot of our new equiptment - the stocks, the cathedral fucking machine, the small cage, and electrical units.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Aug 11, 2002 - Babydoll

Babydoll had the most intense reactions to being tied and played with that I have ever seen. The scenes ended with her covered in sweat. She took several machines while restrained by our stocks. Later, she wore nipple suckers that shock, and electrodes in her pussy and ass. With a little flogging thrown in, the combination seemed to send her crazy.
screenshot Hogtied

Video - Hogtied - Jun 13, 2002 - Adrianna Nicole

Adrianna has a rack most mortal men can only dream of. Securely bound, she is paddled and caned. Then she is rewarded with the magic wand. At the end of the shoot, she is sprayed down.
screenshot Hogtied

segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012

Video - Hogtied - Jun 6, 2002 - Leah Marie

Leah recently turned 18 two years ago. She had never been tied, shocked, flogged, gagged, or spanked. So a first shoot where all this and more would happen was probably quite an experience for her.
screenshot Hogtied